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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

Depends entirely why you are coming. A specific problem may be resolved in a series of six or eight sessions. Some people find the sessions a worthwhile addition to the quality their lives and continue to come even after the initial problem has been dealt with. In my practice the average length of time people stay is a little over two years, some people come for much more, some for much less.

How much will it cost?

Fees are £60.00 per hour. A session lasts 50 minutes. Usually I invoice monthly in arrears. Work with couples is £65.00 per hour and supervision is also £65.00 per hour.

How do I start?

Come for a once off, no obligation session. This is the best way to decide if you like me, feel you can trust me and want to continue, and you only have to commit to one fee. We can discuss your needs, frequency of sessions and terms then.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely. Counsellors know the value of confidentiality because, unlike some professions, they have all had to go through the process that they are offering themselves before, and as part of, their training.

How often should I come?

Not less than weekly to start with. Anything less tends to turn into a chat. If you need more frequency, for example to come twice a week for a while, a fee adjustment can be made to facilitate this.

When can I come?

Appointments are available in the daytime or evening, but evening sessions are at a premium. Ideally you will committ to the same time, on the same day, on a weekly basis.

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