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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

There is no growth without pain, no birth without suffering. But there are so few places where the ordinary suffering of life can be spoken about quietly, with dignity and treated with respect. This is where counselling and psychotherapy can be so very helpful. To have the kindly and non-judgmental attention of someone who doesn't ridicule, criticize or try to fix things can be a balm to the soul. Talking about difficult feelings in an environment such as this can help us see that what may appear to be a hopeless problem, can also be a message from the deepest part of ourselves calling for our attention, requiring us to move beyond the known, beyond our defences, beyond the patterning of the past, to a greater sense of self that has inherently more hope within it.

The process of counselling and psychotherapy fosters attitudes of deep acceptance and appreciation, both of self and other. This is achieved partly through the way the counsellor works, and partly through the gradual drawing out of these qualities from within the individual. Compassion, tolerance, understanding, acceptance, wisdom and strength are qualities that all possess, but they may be discarded or unacknowledged beneath the layers of trauma and stress caused by living in a demanding and increasingly mad world. At its best psychotherapy is like an aided sanctuary, that encourages the best in people, and challenges attachments to behaviours that re-assert the cycle of despair that so many are caught in.

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